I love to use dolls to make dioramas of them in action scenes. I have made a wedding scene, a camping scene, a hippie scene, a playground scene, a beach scene, a gardening scene, a Titanic deck scene, an afternoon outside play scene and a drive in. My husband has been a great help with these. We (mostly my husband) have just built a new showcase for my dioramas. There are four shelves with three separate spaces for dioramas on each row. Most have new boxes which slide in and out but a few spaces hold the old aquarium ones. Here are some pictures of the diorama showcase now with one space not completed. One which is in transition is a cooking scene.

Below are pictures of my dioramas with some closeups.

This is one of my favorite dioramas and it is an underwater scene. Barbie and her friend are scuba diving in the ocean amidst the coral, fish, seastars, and more. Barbie is swimming thru a rock ledge and her friend is closely studying a seahorse to photograph it. Almost all of the scenery are real underwater items which my husband and I found while scuba diving around the world. The last picture before my revised pics is a closeup of the scuba diver and the seahorse. Look carefully.....they are hard to find! Two more pics show my latest addition of little Chelsea to the diorama. She is snorkeling in shallower water watching the scene below.

This diorama is my newest completed one and it is of the Wizard of Oz. It is using the pink box Barbies and the cute little Kelly friends as munchkins. I have made several other munchkins also.

This hippie scene has Barbie dressed in a tye dyed shirt and bellbottoms. The sofa, table and chair have numerous sixties items such as guitar, granny glasses, fringed jacket and lava lamp. Don't miss the love beads hanging up or the pics of Superman and American Bandstand.

This camping diorama has Barbie and Tommy preparing dinner and making smores on the campstove while Skipper and Ken put up the tent. The frame packs are leaning against a tree. I have recently added a few more accessories.

This is a scene with Barbie gardening with her potting bench (thanks to Madison for the great idea)while Kelly and friend help out.

Here is the Titanic deck scene which we worked on for a long time. Thanks go to Alana and Terri for the terrific costumes for the Titanic dolls:

This is my beach scene with Barbie and friends. They are all enjoying themselves on the sand, sunbathing and playing with games while snacking. Make sure you find the sandcastle. Thanks goes to Joanie for the idea of the beach scene. The last picture shows an addition of Tommy in his bathing suit playing in the sand.

This next diorama was just redone in one of the new diorama showcase boxes. It is a playground scene with lots of people having fun. Barbie and Ken are sharing a bike while Stacy, on her bicycle talks to Whitney on her skateboard. A friend on rollerblades pulls a wagon of little ones while Melody pulls her own little wagon.

I made this diorama when I found the cute little paint easel in an antique store. Whike Nikki babysits, Kelly and her friends are enjoying painting, playing with dolls and riding a kiddie train. The background scene is of my house just like in the Easter hunt diorama.

I wanted to make this diorama when I got all the wonderful vintage clothes. The dolls are almost all vintage just like the clothes. I especially love Skipper and Midge's outfits. The table at the back has all the lovely wedding presents which the kids are whispering about. The background scene is of Fort Adams in Newport Rhode Island, where we had our wedding.

This is my latest diorama. It is a drive in scene and uses the drive in and several kiddie cars from Hallmark. The benches are handmade. The little waitress' costume was made to look like Barbie as the Coca Cola Drive In Waitress. The last picture shows the diorama redone in one of the new showcase diorama boxes. The parking lot has been painted like pavement and parking space lines have been added.

This is a little diorama with friends of Kelly dolls. I bought this cute little swingset and decided to use it for them. There is Desiree on the slide, Tommy standing by the swings and Kelly the tomboy wearing Tommy's hat, playing in the sand with several cars. This diorama is in a 2 1/2 gallon aquarium.

This is my newest diorama which is more of a family gathering than true diorama. Barbie(Morticia) and Ken(Gomez) are still attached to their box but their family members are added to the grouping. There are three pics:1)the whole group, 2)Cousin Itt, Thing, Pugsly and the lion and 3)Wednesday with her Marie Antoinette doll.

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